• 100% SUS304 stainless steel made
  • Flow rates from 1~60 m3/hr
  • Head up to 492m
  • Superior hydraulics and pumping effciency
  • Sand resistance
  • Customize/personalized production
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Frequently Asked Questions
Guarantee & Warranty.
Fault finding chart
Guarantee & Warranty.

All pumps have 12 months guarantee. The pumps are provided maintenance-free in the guarantee. If a pump has been used for a liquid, which is injurious to health or toxic, the pump will be classified as contaminated. If we are requested to service the pump, we have to be contacted with details about the pumped liquid, etc. before the pump is returned for service. Otherwise we can refuse to accept the pump for service. Possible costs of returning the pump are paid by the customer.

Fault finding chart




The pump does not run. The fuses are blown.

Replace the blown fuses. If the new ones blow too, the electric installation and the submersible drop cable should be cheaked.

The ELCB or the voltage-operated ELCB has tripped out.

Cut in the circuit breaker.

The dry-running protection has cut off the electricity supply to the pump, due to low water level.

Check the water level. If it is OK, check the water level electrodes/level switch.

The pump/submersible drop cable is defective.

Repair/replace the pump/cable.

The pump runs but gives no water No water or too low water level in borehole

See item 3 a)

The inlet strainer is choked up.

Pull out the pump and clean the strainer.

The pump runs at reduced capacity. The drawdown is larger than anticipated.

Increase the installation depth of the pump, throttle the pump or replace it by a smaller model too obtain a smaller capacity.

The valves in the discharge pipe are partly closed/blocked.

Check and clean/replace the valves, if necessary.

The discharge pipe is partly chocked by impurities(ochre)

Clean/replace the discharge pipe.

Leakage in the pipework.

Check nad repair the pipework.



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