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This is Aquavita Pump Corporation, and Belief is our Pump
Aquavita is the professional manufacturer of SS submersible borehole pumps for clean water in Taiwan and has exported to over 20 countries for many years.

All of our products are made entirely of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, with longer operation life time and high operating efficiency; furthermore, all of our products are satisfied with the ISO 9001. We also specialize on mass customize products, which can satisfy with diverse unique requests such as OEM/ODM even personalized products.

  • 4"stainless steel submersible borehole pump: SP-01/02/03/05/08/14 m3/hr
  • 6"stainless steel submersible borehole pump: SP-17/30/46/60 m3/hr
  • 4"high stage stainless steel submersible borehole pump: SP-01/02/03/05
Irrigation/water supply
Groundwater intake/ water supply
Dewatering(pasturage, sump, pond, and mining drainage, etc.)
  • 100% SUS304 stainless steel made
  • Flow rates from 1~60 m3/hr
  • Head up to 492m
  • Superior hydraulics and pumping effciency
  • Sand resistance
  • Customize/personalized production

1.Pull test for straps
800 times pull tests between the nut and strap to check the welding quality.

2.Constant temperature heating in coupling
The method of constant temperature heating can make sure the stability of raw material.
3.Pull test for shafr and coupling
800 kg~1200 kg pull tests between the shart and coupling to check the combination quality.
4.Leakage test for intermediate chambers
Each intermediate chamber will be examined for leakage under 18 kg water pressure.
5.Pumping efficiency test
5% random pumping efficiency test for every model, and 100% pumping efficency test will be launched for SH series or if customer requests.
6.2000 times' ON-OFF test
We manipulate our pumps at continously switched on and off every 30 seconds for 2000 times to examine the lifespan.
7.Water pressure test
we simulate our pumps operated 50 m under ground to examine the real operational performance.
8.Daily quality control
First spare part will be examined before daily work and QC controller will examine the manufacturing quality and record the data every hour. The out-sourcing spares will also be examined daily to ensure product quality, 5%random examination for out-sourcing spares, 100% is required when defective spare appears.
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